Wyoming University Degree in Chemistry

Enrolling in the Wyoming University degree in Chemistry ensures that you will be trained to be a valuable researcher and a competent professional. The University of Wyoming provides a feasible setting for success through its facilities that offer all the resources you would expect in big universities. It is ranked among the top universities and colleges throughout the U.S. The Wyoming University degree in chemistry is only one among the many degrees that draw students from different parts of the country to study here.

Why Choose the University of Wyoming to Study Chemistry

With lots of great schools offering degrees in chemistry, the following reasons make Wyoming University notable.

  • Internationally-recognized faculty

The Wyoming University degree in chemistry is handled by an internationally-recognized faculty. In fact, the school continues to expand their chemistry teaching staff to provide high-quality instruction of a wide range of chemistry discipline and specialization.

  • Variety of Chemistry Programs

Whatever career path you choose in chemistry or other related field, you will never run out of choices in Wyoming University.

  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Wyoming University degree in chemistry offers lots of undergraduate research opportunities to prepare you for the graduate studies. You will receive hands-on experience in collaboration with the well-respected faculty using modern instrumentation.

  • Numerous Scholarship Grants

Wyoming University offers funding through scholarship grants. Some of the scholarship grants available are CLIFFORD C. HACK Memorial Scholarship, HACH Scientific Foundation Chemistry Teacher Scholarship, American Chemical Society Scholarship and The SCHIERZ SCHOLARSHIP in Chemical Sciences.

  • High Placement Rates

Since the chemistry education is handled by top-notch professors, the university produces high-quality graduates who are marketable in top chemical process industries and the academia.

Chemistry Degrees offered by Wyoming University

  • Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate degree in chemistry provides a solid background for nearly all scientific fields such as health sciences, forensics, materials science, environmental science, biochemistry and even law. Wyoming University offers three undergraduate degrees in chemistry, namely, Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Bachelor of Science in Chemistry ACS-certified.

  • Graduate Program

The Wyoming University degree in chemistry graduate program focuses on the major branches of chemistry such as physical, analytical, organic and inorganic.

The masters degree is a two-year graduate program that requires research and coursework. M.S. students are also obliged to present in a departmental seminar based on their thesis topic.  The doctorate degree (Ph.D.), meanwhile, is the highest degree program in chemistry if you’re eyeing for a professional career in the chemical field. Aside from taking graduate courses in physical, analytical, organic and inorganic chemistry, you must show satisfactory performance in oral and written exams. Aside from that, you must also present your dissertation research in the form of a seminar.

Getting Started in the Wyoming University Degree in Chemistry

Key documents such as official transcripts and placement scores are needed. Besides, you must be aware that the University of Wyoming has admission guidelines before accepting applicants. If you think you don’t qualify, don’t despair as admission may still be granted upon completion of several requirements. So for a complete list of admission requirements, process and conditional admission guidelines, check the website of Wyoming University or contact the Department of Chemistry at (307) 766-2479. You may visit them at 1000 E. University Avenue, Laramie, WY.

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