OSU University Degree in Chemistry

Choose the Oregon State University if you want to get the finest Chemistry education in Oregon. The OSU University degree in Chemistry is known to be one of the best Chemistry programs in the country.

Oregon State University, or OSU, is among the top-ranking universities all over the United States.  Located in Corvallis, Oregon, OSU University degree in Chemistry has an exceptional record of deploying its students after graduation easily. Approximately 42% of its Chemistry graduates with bachelor’s degree pursue graduate or doctorate studies, while 44% proceed to have industrial or government careers. In general, graduates of the OSU University degree in Chemistry are employed right after graduation.

Why Choose OSU University to Study Chemistry?

How does the OSU University degree in Chemistry compare with Chemistry programs in other schools? First, their Chemistry courses are handled by credible and well-respected professors in the field of Chemistry. Aside from that, there are lots of choices for Chemistry programs.  The Oregon State University’s Chemistry degree includes major branches of Chemistry such as analytical, material, organic, physical, bioorganic and nuclear Chemistry. In fact, OSU is the biggest public research school across Oregon and is strategically situated in one of the greenest, smartest and safest cities in the U.S.

What are the Chemistry Programs of OSU University?

The Chemistry programs offered by Oregon State University include undergraduate, graduate and online degrees.

  • Undergraduate Chemistry Programs

Obtaining an undergraduate Chemistry degree in OSU opens the door to countless professions and further chemical or medical studies. The OSU University degree in Chemistry undergraduate program provides a sound foundation for teaching, biotechnology, nanotechnology, electronics, medicine, material science, forensics, food science, environmental science, chemical processing and agricultural science. You may engage in undergraduate research too which prepares you for graduate studies.

OSU offers B.S. and B.A. degrees in Chemistry. If you opt for a B.S. Chemistry degree, there are different selections from which you can choose, such as advanced chemistry, biochemistry, advanced biochemistry, chemistry education, chemical engineering, forensic science, environmental chemistry, pre-med, materials science and business.

  • Graduate Chemistry Programs

The graduate studies in OSU University degree in Chemistry tackle nuclear chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, materials chemistry and inorganic chemistry. You will obtain your M.S. or Ph.D. degree after you have completed your coursework and oral defense. A Masters degree in Chemistry at OSU can be obtained with or without a thesis. On the other hand, to earn a doctorate degree, you must complete a dissertation research project including seminars and series of collective exams. The doctorate degree prepares you for professional careers in government agencies, research firms, manufacturing industries and universities.

  • E-campus Chemistry Programs

This program is a great way to obtain the OSU University degree in Chemistry right at the comfort of your home and at your own time.

Admission Requirements for Chemistry Degree in OSU University

For a full list of admission requirements and process, visit the Chemistry Department of Oregon State University at 153 Gilbert Hall, Corvallis, Oregon or call them over (541) 737-2081.
For high-quality Chemistry education, enroll in OSU University degree in Chemistry and reap the benefits of studying Chemistry there.

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