Degree in Chemistry Universities

Having a chemistry degree generally leads to a rewarding career especially if the training comes from a well-respected school that offers outstanding Chemistry programs. If you are seriously thinking of pursuing chemistry, you should know the reputable degree in chemistry universities.

Top Chemistry Universities in the United States

Degree in chemistry universities are found across the country. If you want the finest and most comprehensive training in chemistry, you will naturally opt for the best institution. Here are the top and well-respected institutions in the field of chemistry.

  • Harvard University

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
12 Oxford Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Contact Number: (617) 496-3208
Email address:

This university has a very flexible chemistry program which allows you to choose your area of expertise such as physical chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. Harvard offers bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in chemistry. They also have financial assistance programs to make Harvard education within reach.

  • Stanford University

Department of Chemistry
333 Campus Drive, Stanford, California
Contact Number: (650) 723-1525
Email address:

This institution offers undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral degree programs in major fields of chemistry. Stanford also has financial assistance programs to help you fund your chemistry education in Stanford. 

  • California Institute of Technology

Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
1200 E. California Boulevard, Pasadena, California
Contact Number: (626) 395-6110
Email address:

The California Institute of Technology is a top-ranking chemistry school in the U.S. that offers world-class programs in chemistry and chemical engineering. Caltech offers both undergraduate and graduate chemistry programs.

  • University of California-Berkeley

College of Chemistry
Room 419 Latimer Hall, Berkeley, California
Contact Number: (510) 642-5882
Email address:

This university has both undergraduate and graduate chemistry programs. They also have scholarship grants and financial aid programs to help you pay for your chemistry degree from UC Berkeley.

  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

Department of Chemistry
308 Noyes Lab, Box 57-1, Urbana, Illinois
Contact Number: (800) 516-0276
Email address:

UIUC has been included among the top chemistry schools in United States.  They have undergraduate and graduate chemistry programs.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Department of Chemistry
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Contact Number: (617) 253-1845
Email address:

MIT is famed for providing rigorous training in chemistry education and experimentation. Chemistry programs are available from undergraduate, graduate to doctorate degrees. 

Choosing the Right School for your Chemistry Degree

You may have plenty of choices for degree in chemistry universities. But the most suitable chemistry school highly depends on your specific needs. Choose the school known to give the finest training in the field of chemistry you want to specialize in. Suppose you want to concentrate in inorganic chemistry, then the California Institute of Technology is your best choice. If you want to focus in organic and biochemistry, then Harvard University makes the finest pick. Do not just choose the university simply because your friends are also there. Go for the institution that will provide you with the rigorous training you need in the field you want to dedicate yourself to.

Know the field of chemistry you want to specialize in and choose among the top degree in chemistry universities in the U.S. that offer the best training for your chosen field.

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