University Of Michigan Degree in Chemistry

One of the best choices of Chemistry schools in Michigan is the University of Michigan. This university is known as one of the best research institutions all over the world. It is made up of a dynamic society of students, artists, scholars, researchers and scientists. Because of this, enrolling in the University of Michigan degree in chemistry means learning from the best in the chemical world. It's not surprising why aspiring chemists and scientists from all parts of the globe make their way to the University of Michigan to study chemistry.

Why Study Chemistry in the University of Michigan?

Chemistry education in the University of Michigan is carried out by competent and well-respected professors in the field of chemistry. The institution itself strongly supports its Chemistry Department through its prompt responsiveness to the needs of the chemistry students and faculty. Aside from that, the school also offers comprehensive curriculum to prepare its students for careers in biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacy, chemical engineering, medicine and other related fields. If you’re seriously considering a professional career in chemistry, then you can participate in their undergraduate research. The University of Michigan degree in chemistry tackles the major branches of chemistry such as materials chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemical biology as well as organic and inorganic chemistry.

Chemistry Degrees offered by the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan degree in chemistry is available in undergraduate and graduate studies.

  • Undergraduate Chemistry Program

The institution offers Bachelor of Science in Chemistry which serves as a solid foundation for careers in biochemistry, chemistry and other related disciplines. University of Michigan allows you to take part in its faculty’s scholarly activities and research.

  • Graduate Chemistry Program

The University of Michigan offers Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree that focuses on the areas of Chemical Biology, Materials Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry. It also provides a 12-month financial assistance to doctorate students through teaching assistantships and research up to 5 years. The financial aid covers full tuition, health care and a generous stipend.

Admission Requirements for the University of Michigan Degree in Chemistry

If you’re an incoming freshman, visit the Department of Chemistry in University of Michigan for a complete list of admission requirements at 930 N. University, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Meanwhile, the only way to apply for graduate studies is through Rackham Graduate School. Visit the admissions Website of Rackham Graduate School for guidance on the admission process. Key documents needed for graduate school admission include research statement outlining your research experience, field of research that interests you and a list of at least three UM professors whose research studies interest you. Aside from these, you must also submit a personal statement, curriculum vitae or resume, three recommendation letters, official transcripts and official TOEFL and GRE score reports. If you have any questions or clarifications, you may visit the Graduate Admissions office of the University Of Michigan Department Of Chemistry.

Enroll in the University of Michigan degree in chemistry and get world-class chemistry education in one of the best chemistry schools throughout the world.

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