College Of Humanities Degree in Chemistry

The College of Humanities degree in Chemistry offered by Loyola University New Orleans provides top-notch chemistry education to prepare you for a satisfying career in the chemical field.

Loyola University’s College of Humanities degree in Chemistry is committed to give superior Chemistry education to aspiring chemists and scientists. It prepares you for a successful and rewarding career or further studies on the various fields in Chemistry. The College of Humanities degree in Chemistry is an excellent stepping stone for advance studies in health and other related professions such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, forensic science, environmental science, veterinary science and engineering.

Why choose Loyola University College of Humanities Degree in Chemistry

The chemistry students of Loyola University have quick access to mentorship from well-respected Chemistry professors, as well as modern instrumentation in electrochemistry, spectroscopy and chromatography. The school’s advanced and modern facilities are effectively used in the student’s laboratory courses and research activities. Aside from the university’s own library, its students can also gain access to the school’s major Chemistry journals and online chemistry databases. Above all, the students are encouraged to talk to their professors to develop an individualized plan to prepare them for rewarding careers after graduation.

College of Humanities Chemistry Degree Programs

Loyola University offers the following programs in their College of Humanities degree in Chemistry. 

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

This degree is certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS) where students receive comprehensive classroom and laboratory training along with undergraduate research curriculum to prepare them for careers in the chemical industries and advanced studies in prestigious graduate schools all over America.

  • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

A degree in biochemistry lets you get a job in the field of biochemistry and pharmaceutical industry. It also provides a solid background if you wish to pursue a career in medicine or dentistry. Biochemistry students are also encouraged to participate in undergraduate studies if they want to specialize in a specific field of Chemistry.

  • Bachelor of Science in Forensic Chemistry

A degree in Forensic Chemistry helps you land jobs in prestigious crime labs or pursue further studies in forensic science graduate schools. The students of Forensic Chemistry develop forensic analytical methods used in laboratories. Training is undertaken with working professionals in the field of forensic science.

Getting Started in College of Humanities Degree in Chemistry

If you’re an incoming freshman, some of the key documents that must be submitted include the completed admission application form, official SAT or ACT test scores, official high school transcript, personal essay, and letter of recommendation or evaluation from your high school teacher or counselor. If you’re a transferee, you need to submit your official transcript from your previous university or college attended, letter of recommendation by the school’s counselor or teacher, and a personal essay stating your purpose for transferring to Loyola University College of Humanities degree in Chemistry. For more information about the admission requirements and application process, call the admissions office of Loyola University at (504) 865-3240 or visit the Department of Chemistry at 6363 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA, or contact them at (504) 865-2267.

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