ITT Technical University Degree in Chemistry

While most colleges and universities offer bachelors, master's and doctorate degrees in Chemistry, the ITT Technical University degree in Chemistry focuses in producing highly competent chemistry technicians. Since 1996, the ITT Technical University in Indianapolis has offered a two-year associate degree in Chemistry called Associate Degree of Applied Science in Chemical Technology. This associate Chemistry degree program fills the growing need for industrial chemical technicians. In 1997, the same degree in Chemistry was also opened in ITT Technical University in Houston West.

Why Earn your Associate Degree in Chemistry in ITT Technical University?

There are several reasons why you should study Chemistry in ITT Technical University, some of these are:

  • Strong Industry Affiliations

The ITT Technical University degree in Chemistry came about to fill the growing need of manufacturing and industrial firms for chemical technicians. The input came directly from the employers as well as the Voluntary Industry Standards for Chemical Process Industries Technical Workers. Job placement, therefore, is easy after you graduate.

  • Well-equipped Facilities and Laboratories

ITT Technical University provides comprehensive training in Chemistry to develop analytical skills through the use modern computer systems, process controls and instrumentation when performing laboratory experiments. What makes this remarkable is that every work station is outfitted with instruments and computer systems not much different from those used in the workplace.

  • Well-designed Curriculum

The institution’s curricula are designed to meet the needs of employers. Furthermore, an associate degree in Chemistry is a solid foundation for further studies in Chemistry. It is a great preparation for undergraduate and graduate studies.

  • Financial Assistance Program

The institute has financial assistance programs for deserving students. It is a great way to cut the cost of Chemistry education in ITT Technical University.

What to do with an ITT Technical University Degree in Chemistry

If you believe that working as a chemical technician is restricted to the technical aspects in a laboratory set up, think again. As a chemical technician, you will be working with chemical engineers and chemists. You play a vital role in the development and use of chemicals and other related products and devices. You will also engage in research and development, experimentation and other laboratory work. Being a chemical technician, you might examine packaging for materials, design, including environmental acceptability; develop and operate new equipment and production techniques in creating new products; as well as inspect product quality. Earning a degree in chemical technology lets you land a job in manufacturing firms of chemical and consumer products, electronic manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, plastics, petroleum and environmental industries. No wonder the graduates of ITT Technical University degree in Chemistry are placed easily after graduation.

Admission Requirements of ITT Technical University

The key papers required for admission in ITT Technical University include high school diploma or equivalent, placement test scores, and the like. To get a complete list and process of admission, visit ITT Technical University at 9511 Angola Court, Indianapolis, IN, or call them at (317) 875-8640 or through their toll free number 1-800-937-4488.

Enroll in ITT Technical University degree in Chemistry and get a rewarding job right after graduation.

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