University Of Washington Degree in Chemistry

There are plenty of chemistry schools in Washington, USA, but what makes the University of Washington degree in Chemistry standout from the rest?

The University of Washington degree in chemistry offers comprehensive chemistry education in the major branches of chemistry which include biological, organic, analytical, theoretical, chemical, physical, inorganic, materials and nanoscience. Choosing your area of specialization can be challenging especially if you have a wide range of interests. However, the University of Washington has an advising gateway center to help you figure out your strengths and interests. Whatever area of chemical study you choose, enrolling in the University of Washington degree in chemistry gives you access to their advanced interdisciplinary research opportunities, state-of-the-art research facilities and well-respected professors. Financial assistance is also available if you wish to pursue graduate chemistry studies in the University of Washington.

Chemistry Programs offered by the University of Washington

The University of Washington degree in chemistry is available in undergraduate and graduate studies.

  • Undergraduate Program

The University of Washington Chemistry Department offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. If you want to pursue a professional career in chemistry, then the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is right for you. The institution offers ACS-certified and non-certified B.S. Chemistry majors. The ACS-certified B.S. degree meets the guidelines set by the American Chemical Society and provides comprehensive training in all facets of chemistry with emphasis on laboratory exercise. On the other hand, the non-certified B.S. degree gives you more options as to the field of chemistry you want to specialize in with a combined coursework outside chemistry. But if you want to specialize in other scientific fields that require solid chemistry background, then you should take Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. 

  • Graduate Program

If you want to pursue a professional career in the chemical world, then you should consider the University of Washington degree in chemistry graduate program. The institution’s graduate program undertakes a wide array of disciplines such as analytical, biophysical, environmental, bioanalytical, organic, bioorganic, theoretical, nuclear, inorganic, bioinorganic, physical, organometallic, materials, medicinal, polymer and process analytical. The University of Washington offers master’s and doctorate degrees which primarily involve original thesis research that should be worthy to be documented in the scientific literature.

Admission Requirements for the University of Washington Degree in Chemistry

The institution has admission guidelines for all sorts of applicants - freshmen, continuing students, transferees and graduate studies applicants. For incoming freshmen, transferees and continuing students, some of the key documents that must be submitted include official high school transcript, transcript from the previous college or university attended, and SAT or ACT scores. If you’re applying for graduate studies, you must submit your official GRE scores, official transcript from the college or university attended, and three recommendation letters. For a complete list of admission requirements and application process, you may visit the Department of Chemistry of the University of Washington at 36 Bagley Hall, Seattle, Washington or call them at (206) 543-1610.

For outstanding chemistry education, enroll in the University of Washington degree in chemistry and reap the benefits of studying chemistry.

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