Denver University Degree in Chemistry

Interested in pursuing a profession in Chemistry? Then you should consider obtaining a Denver University degree in Chemistry.

Denver University has long been famed for its outstanding academic programs, practical learning opportunities and solid student-faculty relationship. This is especially true with Denver University degree in Chemistry. DU’s top priority is to help you attain your goals in Chemistry or other related fields. The school is committed to give you high-quality and comprehensive Chemistry education by employing internationally-recognized Chemistry professors that excel in the fields of teaching and research. Because of this, Denver University is able to offer a wide array of Chemistry degrees.

Chemistry Degrees in Denver University

Denver University degree in Chemistry is available in three degree levels; bachelor, masters and doctor of philosophy.
Denver University offers five bachelors degree in its undergraduate degree program.

  • B.A. Major in Chemistry - This degree lets you land a job as a secondary level science teacher or work in other interdisciplinary fields like marketing new technologies and environmental law. B.A. Major in Chemistry requires fewer Chemistry courses.
  • B.S. Major in Chemistry - If you want to follow a career directly related to Chemistry, then the Bachelor of Science Major in Chemistry is right for you.  It is likewise an excellent preparatory degree if you’re planning to pursue medicine, dentistry and veterinary, as well as graduate studies.
  • B.S. Environmental Chemistry -  The B.S. Environmental degree helps you land a job in environmental area. Aside from numerous career options, environmental Chemistry is also an excellent preparation for graduate studies in environmental science and other related disciplines.
  • B.S. Biochemistry - If you would like to work as a biochemist, then this Chemistry degree suits you best. B.S. Biochemistry also prepares you for graduate studies, biotechnology and other health-related professions.
  • B.S. Major in Chemistry ACS-accredited - Meanwhile, if a professional career in the chemical field is what you fancy, then you should opt for the ACS-accredited B.S. Chemistry. This degree provides a strong foundation in Chemistry due to the extensive training and research component involved therein.

Also, you can pursue a M.S., M.A. or a doctorate degree if you want to further your studies.

  • Master of Science - If you want to advance your knowledge in Chemistry or Biochemistry and conduct research work, then you should opt for an M.S. degree. You are provided with an advisory committee to advise you and monitor your progress.
  • Master of Arts - This degree is preferable if you are seeking an advanced Chemistry degree with less research work.  You can teach Chemistry in secondary education or do full-time work in a local industry.
  • Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) -If you want a professional career in the field of scientific research, then you should pursue Denver University’s doctorate degree in Chemistry.

Admission Requirements in Denver University Degree in Chemistry

Some of the key documents needed for DU admissions are official high school transcripts (for incoming students) or transcript from previous colleges or universities attended (for transferees); and official results of ACT or SAT. For more information about their admission requirements and process, visit DU’s Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at 2190 E. Iliff Ave., Denver, CO, or call them at (303) 871-2436.

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