UNM University Degree in Chemistry

The UNM University degree in Chemistry covers all major areas of chemistry such as organic chemistry, biological chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, computational chemistry, environmental chemistry and theoretical chemistry. Because of this, you have plenty of choices for the field of chemistry you want to specialize in at the University of New Mexico. Moreover, the UNM University degree in Chemistry is carried out in well-equipped and modern facilities that house the NMR equipment, X-ray Diffraction, Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics, CD and MCD studies, FTIR and Raman. Aside from that, the institution employs credible professors, sixteen of whom are actively participating in research and development.

Chemistry Degrees offered by the University of New Mexico

The UNM University degree in Chemistry program is projected to prepare you for a very rewarding career in research institutes, industrial firms, laboratories, pharmaceuticals and academia.

  • Undergraduate Chemistry Degree

The University of New Mexico offers B.S. and B.A. degrees in Chemistry, providing you a wide array of career choices, from pursuing a health care career to becoming a competent Chemistry educator.  Research opportunities in the undergraduate Chemistry program are available and you are even encouraged to engage in an independent study under the supervision of your faculty mentor. The aim of the UNM University degree in Chemistry undergraduate program is to give you thorough education in the basic areas of Chemistry through instruction and experimentation. You are being prepared to pursue careers in the branch of Chemistry you want to focus on in your graduate studies.

  • Graduate Chemistry Degree

UNM University offers Masters (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in the field of biophysical, physical, analytical, theoretical, biological, organic and inorganic chemistry. In the graduate studies, you will receive rigorous training from competent professors, majority of who are active in research and development. The main emphasis of graduate studies is the doctorate track. The institution also has financial assistance programs, usually through teaching assistantships, if you wish to pursue doctorate studies.

Admission Requirements for the UNM University Degree in Chemistry

Incoming freshmen and transferees with less than 24 transferable credit hours must come from a high school institution accredited by the state’s Department of Education, Regional Accrediting Association or State University where the high school institution is located. Aside from that, you need to submit several documents to the UNM’s admissions office which include the completed admission form, high school transcripts or GED scores, transcript of records from the accredited university or college attended (for transferees), SAT or ACT scores and $20 application fee. For questions and clarifications regarding the admission requirements and process, you may contact the admissions office of UNM at 1-800-225-5866. You may also visit the UNM Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

There are countless career opportunities waiting for you if you obtain a degree in chemistry. Of course, that is only possible if you gain extensive training straight from the experts in your chosen field. So choose the UNM University degree in Chemistry to enjoy a rewarding career in your field of expertise.

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