Seattle University Degree in Chemistry

One of the renowned institutions when it comes to Chemistry education is Seattle University (SU). The Seattle University degree in Chemistry is one of the degrees offered under SU's College of Science and Engineering. The university's Chemistry degree is especially designed to meet the needs of chemical process industries. Situated in the 50-acre neighborhood of Capitol Hill of Seattle, Seattle University is ranked among the best colleges in the West.

Chemistry Programs offered by Seattle University

The Seattle University degree in Chemistry is available in their undergraduate program. Even though they do not offer master’s and doctorate degrees, the Seattle University degree in Chemistry is accredited by the American Chemical Society. This is the highest distinction a Chemistry program can have because it means that that the program offers comprehensive Chemistry education to help you develop communication, intellectual and laboratory skills to be a very effective chemistry professional. The undergraduate ACS-approved Chemistry degrees offered by Seattle University include Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry.

  • B.S. in Chemistry

The chemistry degree in Seattle University prepares you for a rewarding and successful career in chemical process industries, manufacturing firms, pharmaceutical companies and research labs. It also equips you for further studies in graduate school.

  • B.S. in Biochemistry

Biochemistry is one branch of Chemistry which deals with the chemical processes involved in living organisms. Earning a degree in biochemistry in Seattle University prepares you for work as a professional biochemist in research, industrial firms, including teaching professions.

  • B.A. in Chemistry

Since Chemistry is a central science, a strong Chemistry background is required in health-related professions. This particular Chemistry program puts greater emphasis on biology and biochemistry. A Bachelor of Arts Chemistry degree in Seattle University prepares you for further studies in pharmacy, dentistry and medicine. Aside from acquiring jobs in the health care industry, you can also find teaching positions in secondary-level schools or work in chemical process industries.

Reasons for Studying Chemistry in Seattle University

  • ACS Approved Chemistry Curriculum

To be recognized by the American Chemical Society, a Chemistry school must provide advanced and articulate Chemistry curriculum and rigorous training for Chemistry students. Besides, it must use well-maintained and modern research laboratories. The Seattle University degree in Chemistry meets these guidelines making you marketable for potential employers.

  • Highly Qualified Professors

SU’s ACS Chemistry-accredited curriculum must be taught by competent and well-respected professors. The chemistry professors of Seattle University are not just competent, but they are also committed to help you develop the necessary skills and determine your field of specialization in the world of Chemistry. Seattle University degree in Chemistry provides personalized faculty advising, intensive lab studies and undergraduate research opportunities to equip you for professional careers or advanced graduate studies.

  • High Placement Rates

The ACS accreditation of SU’s Chemistry degree makes it easier for you to land jobs in reputable manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, or pursue further studies in graduate or medical schools across the U.S.
For admission inquiries regarding the Seattle University degree in Chemistry, visit the Department of Chemistry of Seattle University at 901 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA, or call them at (206) 296-5950.

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