Butler University Degree in Chemistry

Butler University is one of the best chemistry schools in Indiana. A relatively small school in Indianapolis and just a few minutes' drive from downtown, the Butler University degree in chemistry has all you've ever wanted for a high standard chemistry education.

Butler University degree in Chemistry is only one of the 65 majors offered by the institution under the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The 290-acre university lies five miles from the heart of Indianapolis and is famed as one of the most beautiful universities in the Midwest due to its park-like atmosphere. But Butler University has more than just an ambient setting for learning. In fact, it is ranked as one of the finest schools in the Midwest.

Why Choose Butler University to Study Chemistry?

The Butler University degree in Chemistry aims to prepare you for a rewarding career in your chosen field of expertise in Chemistry through top-notch and extensive learning in creative and fun ways. Here are the reasons why you should earn your degree in Chemistry in Butler University.

  • Extensive Curriculum

Butler offers courses in major fields of Chemistry such as physical, analytical, biochemistry, inorganic and organic chemistry, along with interdisciplinary courses in psychology, environmental science, forensic science and biology. Their curriculum is approved and certified by the American Chemical Study.

  • Modern Facilities

The institution has excellent and well-equipped facilities and laboratories with up-to-date computer systems for instruction and research.

  • Undergraduate Research and Internships

Due to its ACS accreditation, Butler offers lots of research opportunities including funded summer research programs through the Butler Summer Institute (BSI) and National Science Foundation (NSF-REU). Moreover, it has numerous connections and affiliations with business organizations including pharmaceutical and chemical companies that offer Chemistry internships which allow the students to get first-hand experience in their field of expertise.

  • Credible and Warm Faculty

Butler employs competent and dedicated faculty who are experts in a wide array of chemical fields. Due to the low student-teacher ratio, you get personalized Chemistry education and first-rate academic advice straight from the experts.

Chemistry Programs of Butler University

Butler offers bachelors degree in Chemistry certified by the American Chemical Society. Aside from learning the different facets of Chemistry, the Butler University degree in Chemistry also encourages you to engage in undergraduate research programs if you want to pursue graduate studies. Besides, you can use your Chemistry degree when enrolling in professional schools, or applying for an industrial career or teaching post. Butler also offers scholarship grants for deserving Chemistry students.

Admission Requirements in Butler University

The institution follows an admission guideline which considers your high school academic achievement, test scores, secondary school report, leadership experience and extracurricular activities, and personal statement. For transferees, you must submit your official SAT or ACT application and transcript of records from the university or college you previously attended. For a complete list of admission requirements and questions about the admission process, visit the Department of Chemistry of Butler University at 4600 Sunset Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana. You may also call them through (317) 940-9806 or email them at soreilly@butler.edu.

To avail of one of the best training in Chemistry, choose Butler University degree in Chemistry and take advantage of the comprehensive instruction straight from the experts.

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