Iowa Luther University Degree in Chemistry

Iowa Luther University is your best bet for a comprehensive Chemistry education in Iowa. The Iowa Luther University degree in Chemistry is recognized by the American Chemical Society (ACS). This implies that the quality of Chemistry education in Iowa Luther University is first-class. You can even choose a particular ACS-approved major for extensive exposure to the different branches of Chemistry. Majority of Iowa Luther University degree in Chemistry programs involve classroom and laboratory work, research tasks and seminars, as well as supporting courses in mathematics and physics.

Why Earn your Chemistry Degree from Iowa Luther University?

With lots of schools offering Chemistry degrees all over the U.S., Iowa Luther University is one of the better options for the following reasons:

  • Credible Teaching Staff

The institution employs well-respected professors in the field of Chemistry ensuring top-notch classroom and laboratory instruction. Aside from that, these people serve as your academic and career advisers too. 

  • Equipped with modern facilities

The Iowa Luther University degree in Chemistry is conducted in the state-of-the-art Sampson Hoffland Laboratories which is well-equipped with a wide array of modern instruments for teaching and research. You will be trained to operate advanced research-grade tools and equipment like nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, gas chromatographs, atomic absorption spectrometer, spectrofluorimeter, lasers, high-performance chromatograph, as well as ultraviolet and visible spectrometers. As early as the general Chemistry course, you will learn to operate computers outfitted with special lab interfaces in programming and collecting data for consequent graphical and spreadsheet analysis.

  • Year-round Research Opportunities

Research opportunities truly abound for Iowa Luther College Chemistry students especially in the summer. Their advance courses even provide greater prospects for independent dissertation and comprehensive research. The Iowa Luther College degree in Chemistry also offers summer research programs which let you explore specific aspects of Chemistry research to help you manage your career right after graduation. Taking part in the summer research programs gives you the chance to foster invaluable acquaintances in the scientific society.

Chemistry Degree offered By Iowa Luther University

Iowa Luther University only offers bachelor’s degree program in Chemistry that covers different fields of Chemistry such as biochemistry, chemical analysis, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry. If you’re planning to pursue graduate studies in Chemistry, you need to take additional Chemistry courses aside from those that have been stated in the Luther University’s Chemistry curriculum. If you plan to teach Chemistry, then you should visit the education department of Luther University for secondary-level teaching requirements.

Getting Started with Iowa Luther University Degree in Chemistry

Some of the admission requirements in Iowa Luther University include mark sheets or transcript of records, final results of secondary school exams, and scores from ACT or SAT examinations. For a complete list of admission requirements for Iowa Luther University degree in Chemistry, visit the admissions office of the institution at 700 College Drive Decorah, Iowa. You may also call them at 1-800-458-8437 or email them at

For a rewarding career in Chemistry, choose the Iowa Luther University degree in Chemistry to enjoy top-notch Chemistry education from credible Chemistry professors in Luther University.

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