Ferris State University Degree in Chemistry

Do you like Mathematics and Chemistry? If so, then why not pursue a degree in Chemistry? In Michigan, the Ferris State University degree in Chemistry is your best bet for first-class Chemistry education.

The Ferris State University degree in Chemistry paves the way for greater employment opportunities in Chemistry or other related fields. A degree in Chemistry at FSU is an excellent preparation for other programs such as medicine, optometry and pharmacy. You can even incorporate Chemistry with other fields that interest you such as law and science writing. You will earn your Ferris State University degree in Chemistry under the close supervision of professional teachers and not just graduate school assistants. Furthermore, FSU has a wide variety of financial aids and scholarship grants to help you fund your studies.

Chemistry Degree Programs of Ferris State University

Ferris State University has three Chemistry programs being offered - one associate degree and two bachelor’s degrees.

  • Associate Degree

Industrial Chemistry Technology - In this Chemistry program, you will be trained in organic, instrumental, analytical and general chemistry. It also paves the way for other science majors like pharmacy, optometry and biology. Also, there are specialty classes which focus on chemical industry, statistical process control and safety issues. This program will give you enhanced analytical abilities and better laboratory skills to prepare you for a bachelor’s degree. An associate degree in Industrial Chemistry Technology lets you work in manufacturing industries such as plastics, chemicals, environmental technology, automotive, paint, personal care, pharmaceutical, food and petroleum.

  • Bachelors Degree

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry - This Chemistry degree provides you with a solid background for a variety of career opportunities in the sciences or applied sciences like chemistry, dentistry, environmental science, pharmaceuticals, education, scientific writing, medicine and forensic science. You will develop invaluable skills preferred by employers such as written and oral communication, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking and teamwork.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education - A teaching minor is required to enroll in this Chemistry degree. This Chemistry program is especially designed to take advantage of hands-on, unusual, instructional facilities to make you more competent. You will receive solid training in laboratory, classroom and field for you to become an effective Chemistry teacher. Completing the Chemistry education program will result in a recommendation for Michigan Secondary Provisional Certificate.

What are the admission requirements of Ferris State University?

Incoming freshmen must show academic preparedness, earnestness of purpose and maturity, and preferably with a solid background in Chemistry and Science. You must have at least a 2.25 grade point average in high school or 15 ACT composite score. For transferees with at least 30 credit hours, you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0. For more information about their admission requirements, contact the Ferris State University Admissions department at (231) 591-5361, or visit them in Big Rapids, Michigan. You may also call them at their toll free hotline 1-800-433-7747.

With a Ferris State University degree in Chemistry, there are loads of career opportunities that await you in Chemistry and other related fields.

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