Degree in Chemistry

Wondering what course to take in college? If so, then why not get a degree in Chemistry? If the idea of working in a laboratory, wearing a long and white lab gown seems terrifying, then you need to think again as having a Chemistry degree is more than being confined within the four corners of a lab.

The connection between Chemistry and an actual career may be difficult to establish at first. You may find it insignificant and even boring and think that a degree in Chemistry is only for geniuses or those dreaming of becoming scientists. But you don’t really have to be a genius to develop an interest in Chemistry. The truth is, Chemistry is for everybody. If you are thinking seriously about your future, then a degree in Chemistry is a very good option to consider.

Why Choose a Degree in Chemistry

A Chemistry degree is a roadway to a rewarding profession because career opportunities in Chemistry are endless. In fact, the professional prospects in this field have been consistent for the past decades and keep on growing. Furthermore, a career in Chemistry offers financial stability. In the US, the average entry-level salary for a Chemist is approximately $38,000 a year. Of course, this can vary depending on your location, job position and company. Aside from a rewarding career and financial security, a degree in Chemistry enhances your analytical and thinking abilities which are invaluable qualities in solving real-world problems and help you become a more responsible citizen.

Employment Opportunities for those with Degrees in Chemistry

Obtaining a Chemistry degree not only prepares you for real-world situations but also trains you in diverse fields of Science such as medical research, pharmaceutical development, nanotechnology, forensics, homeland security and a whole lot more. Let us consider some employment opportunities waiting for you if you have a degree in chemistry.

  • Analytical Chemist

Working as an Analytical Chemist means you are held liable in keeping the integrity of the acquired materials. A career as an analytical chemist means working in industrial environments with expected salaries anywhere between $39,000 and $115,000 or even higher annually.

  • Dental or Medical Professional

If you are eyeing to work in the dental or medical community, then you should first have a bachelor’s degree in the Sciences such Chemistry. A Chemistry degree has been proven to be helpful since it also covers the effects of chemical compounds used in any medical procedure thus helping prevent malpractice and augment competence.  If you choose dentistry, expect an annual salary of about $140,000. Meanwhile, general practitioners can look forward to a yearly salary of approximately $169,000.

  • Biochemist

Working as a biochemist means using your knowledge in combining and manipulating chemical structures. You are responsible for finding solutions for drug safety and hereditary diseases. The expected annual salary runs from $45,000 to $139,000.

  • Agricultural Chemist

As the name suggests, you will have to deal with issues pertaining to agriculture. Because modern farming largely uses insecticides, chemical concentrations in insecticides must be closely monitored. Aside from that, you will also help in developing cheaper and safer methods of producing high quantities of crops and animal feeds. The income is between $35,000 and $104,000 per year.

  • Teacher

You can also find a rewarding career as a high school teacher with an expected salary of $35,000 to $82,000 annually. If you prefer College chemistry, expect a yearly compensation of $40,000 to $120,000.

To have a rewarding profession, obtain a degree in Chemistry and reap the numerous benefits of studying this field of science.

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