Degree in Chemistry Study Materials

Not sure whether a degree in chemistry is right for you? You may think that chemistry is only for people who aspire to become scientists. Examine the degree in chemistry study materials and you may realize that a chemistry degree is for you too.

You will be surprised with the wide variety of degree in chemistry study materials. Chemistry is the only branch of science that is present in almost all scientific fields. Obtaining a degree in chemistry not only opens promising careers in research institutions, laboratories, pharmaceutical firms, government agencies and even colleges and universities, but it also enhances your thinking abilities and problem-solving skills which are very useful in dealing with real-life problems. Because chemistry is connected to other scientific fields, you can choose to further your education for career growth or specialize in a particular discipline.

Various Branches of Chemistry

Chemistry is subdivided into different disciplines. Let us consider the different degree in chemistry study materials. 

  • Organic Chemistry

This field of chemistry is the study of organic matter. Organic chemistry studies the chemical properties, composition, and structure of organic compounds. It also analyzes the chemical reactions involving organic chemical compounds.

  • Biochemistry

The study of the behavior and structure of cell components as well as the chemical processes in living things is dealt with in Biochemistry. Biochemistry closely studies the cellular components like carbohydrates, nucleic acids, proteins and lipids, including the chemical processes that take place within the cells.

  • Physical Chemistry

This particular field of chemistry studies the intermolecular forces, rate of chemical reactions, including the conductivity of various materials.

  • Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry studies the behavior, composition and structure of inorganic compounds.

  • Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear chemistry is a study of radioactivity. It is the field of science that deals with the chemical processes occurring in radioactive substances including nuclear properties.

  • Analytical Chemistry

This branch of chemistry analyzes the chemical properties, composition and structure of matter.

Best Colleges in the U.S. that Offer Degree in Chemistry

Now that you already know the different study materials to choose from in the field of chemistry, let us consider the top schools to get your degree in chemistry in the U.S.

  • Stanford University

This reputable school offers a wide array of study materials in chemistry such as biochemistry, physical, organic and inorganic. It is found on Campus Drive, Stanford, California, with contact number (650) 723-1525.

  • Harvard University

A well-respected institution offering organic, inorganic, physical chemistry and biochemistry, Harvard University is located on Oxford Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information, call them at (617) 496-3208.

  • University of California-Berkeley

This top-notch chemistry school located in Latimer Hall, Berkeley, California specializes in physical, biochemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry. You may call them at (510) 642-5882.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is one of the sought-after chemistry schools in the United States with specialties in theoretical, biochemistry, organic, physical and inorganic chemistry. MIT is located on Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts with contact number (617) 253-1845.

  • California Institute of Technology

This is a top-ranking chemistry school in the U.S. offering degree in chemistry study materials in biochemistry, theoretical, organic, and inorganic and physical chemistry. California Institute is found on California Boulevard, Pasadena, California with phone number (626) 395-6110.

Choose among the various degree in chemistry study materials and decide on the one that suits your interest and capabilities and you will see how rewarding a chemistry degree can be.

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