Degree in Chemistry Timescales

It is essential to know the degree in chemistry timescales if you are planning take up Chemistry. Learning about the degree in Chemistry timescales will give you an idea about the amount of time you need to invest on a course and the scope of the program. This way, you will also have a reasonable expectation of the type of job waiting for you. Take a look at the different Chemistry degree levels and how long each one takes.

Various Degree in Chemistry Timescales

There are four Chemistry degree levels, namely, associate, bachelor, master’s and doctorate. Each degree level has its respective timescale.

  • Associate Degree in Chemistry

Associate degree in Chemistry timescales run for two years and prepare you to be a laboratory technician. But before you can qualify for an associate degree, you must have an excellent background in Mathematics because you will often deal with solving problems as well as balancing formulas. In addition, you will learn organic and general Chemistry under the associate degree program.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry

This Chemistry degree program is a four-year course which gives you the opportunity to work in testing or industrial laboratories. You can also teach Chemistry to high school students. A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate Chemistry program which lets you pick your field of expertise in Chemistry.

  • Master’s Degree in Chemistry

If you want to further your studies in Chemistry, then your next stop is the master’s degree. A master’s degree is a two-year advanced Chemistry program which leads to greater responsibilities such as running industrial laboratories and teaching Chemistry in the college level.

  • Doctorate Degree in Chemistry

The doctorate Chemistry degree is a 4-year graduate program which permits you to work your own ideas freely. Finishing a doctorate degree in Chemistry means shouldering greater responsibilities in leading and running a research team with the added pressure to come up with concrete plans that lead to success. With a Ph.D. degree, you can teach Chemistry above college level.

Best Chemistry Schools in the U.S.

Here are some of the schools in the United States offering superior Chemistry programs.

  • Harvard University

A reputable Chemistry school, Harvard University is located on Oxford Street, Cambridge in Massachusetts and specializes in major fields of Chemistry. For inquires, contact the admissions department at (617) 496-3208.

  • Stanford University

Another high-ranking Chemistry school in the U.S, Stanford University is found on Campus Drive Stanford, California. For more info about their courses and rates, call them at (650) 723-1525.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Situated on Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge in Massachusetts, MIT specializes in major fields of Chemistry. Contact them at (617) 253-1845 for details. 

  • University of California-Berkeley

This school is another top-rated institution specializing in organic, inorganic, biochemistry and physical chemistry.  It is situated in Berkeley, California. For questions, contact them at (510) 642-5882.

  • California Institute of Technology

This institution is famed as the finest Chemistry school across the United States specializing in major branches of Chemistry. They are located in Pasadena, California with office phone (626) 395-6110.

Before deciding on which school to go to, it is advisable to first confirm their degree in Chemistry timescales.

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