Careers with Chemistry Degree

Many find Chemistry a difficult subject. But promising professions await those who study this field of Science as careers with chemistry degree are endless.

Chemistry plays a very important role in almost all aspects of life. From the food that you eat to the fuel in your automobile, they all need the close supervision of a chemist. Besides, careers with Chemistry degree are not only for those who obtained a bachelor’s degree. Employment opportunities are also available even if you’re an undergraduate of Chemistry. In fact, individuals with background in chemistry have been in demand for the past decades and the need continues to grow. The future is clear for those with degrees in chemistry.

But before we get into the different careers with Chemistry degree, let’s first find out the various degrees in Chemistry.

Different Degrees in Chemistry

Degrees in Chemistry are available in various ways and different levels. You can obtain a Chemistry degree in a community college, a university or even online. The different degrees in Chemistry are associate degree, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. Listed below are the different Chemistry degrees as well as their respective employment opportunities.

  • Associate Chemistry Degree

This degree concentrates on the fundamental courses in Math and Science including general education requisites.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry

To get a four-year course in Chemistry from a university, your major subject must be Chemistry and you should complete the required courses of your choice of Chemistry whether it is general chemistry, physical chemistry, environmental chemistry, biochemistry, analytic chemistry as well as organic or inorganic chemistry.

  • Master’s or Doctorate Degree in Chemistry

To obtain a master’s degree in Chemistry, you need to complete the coursework, get qualifying exams, as well as carry out research under the guidance of your supervising professor. Advancing to a Ph.D. Chemistry degree entails writing a thesis on your doctoral research. Also, you need to have laboratory or teaching responsibilities in order to gain a doctorate Chemistry degree.

Careers with Chemistry Degree in the U.S.

The following are the different avenues where careers with chemistry degree are possible.

  • Industrial Chemistry

Majority of chemists are employed in industrial firms working in research and development whose main responsibility is to make new products. A smaller number of chemists work in private research companies, while others work in engineering and architectural firms. Careers in industrial chemistry provide lots of opportunities both for entry-level and career advancement.

  • Teaching Careers

Another career option for a chemistry degree holder is teaching. Teaching prospects are abundant from grade school, high school, to post-secondary educational levels such as technical schools and universities.

  • Federal Careers

Careers with chemistry degree are also available in the federal government such as in the Environmental Protection Agency or in environmental and conservation groups.

  • Other Related Fields

With a degree in chemistry, your work may involve forensic chemistry, toxicology, food chemistry, biotechnology, dietary science, and environmental science among others.  You can be a lab technician, medical or dental professional, and many more.

The variety of careers with Chemistry degree could be the main reason why you should choose Chemistry. But in general, a degree in Chemistry teaches you analytical skills which could be very useful in any job you choose.

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