Online Chemistry Degrees

There are several workers who intend going to school but face the challenge of not having enough time to do this. To this effect, online degree programs have been put in place for various courses so that no matter how busy or far one is from school, getting a degree can still be very possible.

Online degree programs are good for the time it saves and the flexibility it provides. Students who enroll for online degree programs do not need to wake up very early in the morning, sleep late at night or encounter traffic congestion when going to school. Online students can take their classes in their living room, bedroom or any other place where they can get maximum comfort. While many people consider getting online degrees because of these advantages, it is still important to note that there are also disadvantages associated with this mode of learning.

An online student must be very disciplined and motivated in his chosen discipline because there are times when he may feel so tired that studying and writing assignments become difficult for him. Most times, they are responsible for choosing their lessons and this can only be done in most cases by those who are motivated to learn. Since there are no lecturers or friends to explain the subjects, an online student must be able to read and understand his texts. He should be prompt in sending email to lecturers and colleagues when overwhelmed with questions that seem very difficult.

Students with interest in online degrees have several choices of universities to attend. Some of the schools where online degree in chemistry is obtainable include:

  • Western Governors University
  • Lehigh University
  • Charter Oak State University and
  • Oregon State University.

Since there are many of them, students are encouraged to do their research well before enrolling for a program in any of the schools.

Online chemistry degrees at Western Governors University

Western Governors University has online programs for people to obtain the Bachelor of Arts in science degree. The program also has a study program for students to also get a teacher certification. The online program trains students to become chemistry teachers in high schools. Students who wish to get a graduate degree can also apply to the university for Master of Arts in Science Education. Before enrolling for this degree program, the student must have already obtained a bachelor's degree.

Online Chemistry Degrees at Lehigh University

Online master's program in chemistry is offered by the Lehigh University. The maximum number of students admitted per year is between twenty and thirty. The prospective students must have already obtained a BA or BS in chemistry. Students also go there for certificate program in Bioorganic Principles of Pharmaceutical Science. This certificate program is recommended for those that want to work in biotech fields, medical fields and pharmaceutical firms.

Online Chemistry Degrees in Oregon State University

Students enrolling for an online chemistry degree in Oregon State University will take the chemistry sequence program they offer so that they can be equipped with the fundamentals. Requirements for getting the online degree include knowledge of logarithms, scientific notation and high school algebra.

Online Chemistry Degrees at Charter Oak State College

Online program in this college is divided into 120 credit hours and admission is given to students with college experience. Courses included in the program include general education and chemistry. Chemistry alone has up to 36 credit hours.

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